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The ability to control and manage your money wisely is not something that can be performed easily and is not usually something about the question. It takes time, training and some temperament. Before any criticism you direct the public school system in American or European regarding teaching about money management people, must recognize that the management of personal financial affairs is not a course that is being paid too much attention. In truth, nobody cares what you can learn about it.

What the average citizen knows about saving and investing money certainly will not learn in school and this, of course, is understandable only if the world of money is a subject covered by the teacher in the class. However, there are those who know how everything works, and what to do to succeed in life or at least, to prevent others stay with our money.
Are you one of those people who has handled some business or personal finances and had financial problems and felt her ran money? If it is recognized as not fulfilling some of the sixteen following scenarios, then you can confidently answer yes to that question.
1.        Your account and summary of credit card be paid in full each end of the month to avoid paying unnecessary and abusive interest added. These interests amount to 50% per year and even more in many countries.
2.        No further investment advice from neighbors or people with little or no financial experience.
3.        Remember that despite the media furor about the high fuel cost, Recognize that the $ 30 to fill the gas tank of your car is actually cheaper with the dollar today than the $ 15 they cost 20 years ago, and winning $ 30 today is much easier to have earned $ 15 20 years ago .
4.        She attends and enjoys the financial talks but be aware and recognize that 95% of what they say is absurd for ordinary people like us. Usually they want to sell us something.
5.        The only type of life insurance you should never consider buying is one that proper to a certain age because it is much more useful to us (not for the insurance!) the older they are.
6.        Do not be tempted to invest in something that he recommended a friend or relative. Even in some types of credit.
7.        If you are motivated to investigate the housing market keep in mind that sometimes the worst house in the best neighborhood is better than the nicest house in a neighborhood more regular.
8.        No vehicle should anything currently drive, or taxes or payment in installments of it. The interest on the debts in cars is generally very high also
9.        We recommend not buying timeshare unless you know very little about getting the kind of investment that is performing. It is an investment that is sometimes very difficult to leave, that is, sell it.
10.    Keep your checking account overdrawn for fall interest that banks charge for these services are astronomical.
11.    Remember that although thoroughly enjoy the home in which they live, this always will be considerably less costly than it can allow your monthly income. Think twice before moving into a new house much bigger (and expensive).
12.    Do you feel instinctively that every dollar or euro that contributes in taxes and social security system is a dollar or euro lost forever? This is a theme to reflect on some extremely corrupt countries who waste or steal tax dollars.
13.    Whenever you’re negotiating a purchase and qualify for a discount, please ask.
14.    If your option to purchase the watch is a Rolex, a Cartier fashion a respectable Bulova, Timex or budget, recognizes that we all have batteries, with a quartz movement and none can offer the time with a precision such as to justify price.
15.    Do you find it incomprehensible why anyone would buy a lottery ticket? Remember that the odds are extremely tiny but advertising tell you otherwise.
16.    You should strive to suppress a laugh when you see a newspaper advertisement offering a commemorative medallion on any topic by the “price of only $ 139 in advance or any other currency.


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